The Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS) advances our understanding of how scientists and scholars work with digital information and information technologies to solve the world’s greatest challenges. An interdisciplinary research center located in the School of Information Sciences (iSchool), CIRSS conducts research and develops innovative solutions to enhance practices across the research lifecycle, from literature discovery through the publication of new results. Through multidisciplinary collaborations at the University of Illinois and beyond, our faculty, staff, and students address problems related to the trustworthiness of scientific results including data curation, quality, and integration; provenance capture and storage; semantic modeling; and research transparency and reproducibility.

Our mission is to increase the productivity of researchers by preserving the integrity and contextual significance of scientific data and results to ensure their trustworthiness for use in future research endeavors. We are committed to making a substantial difference in how research is carried out in the real world by making researchers more productive and research tools more effective and efficient as well as developing and teaching methods for trustworthy scientific knowledge dissemination and discovery. 

Our vision is to create a future where scientific and scholarly practices are empowered by advanced tools and services that accelerate the discovery and integration of knowledge and simplify dissemination of verifiable and trustworthy results.