What is CIRSS?

CIRSS is a research center with both local and global impact through groundbreaking research and development, transformational educational opportunities, and a commitment to community engagement.

Building trust in computational research

The TRACE project is building a new approach to computational transparency and reproducibility by certifying the successful original execution of a computational workflow that produced findings in situ.

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The Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS) advances our understanding of how scientists and scholars work with digital information and information technologies to solve the world’s greatest challenges. An interdisciplinary research center located in the iSchool, CIRSS conducts research and develops innovative solutions to enhance practices across the research lifecycle, from literature discovery through the publication of new results. Our faculty, staff, and students address problems related to the trustworthiness of scientific results including data curation, quality, and integration; provenance capture and storage; semantic modeling; and research transparency and reproducibility.