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Analytic Potential of Data: Assessing Reuse Value

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Palmer, C., Weber, N., & Cragin, M. (2011, June). Analytic Potential of Data: Assessing Reuse Value. Poster presented at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL), Ottawa, ON.

Publication Abstract

Realizing the vision of networked data collections and services requires large bodies of scientific data that can be used in new ways. Adapting the concept of epistemological potential, we illustrate an approach for assessing the value of data for reuse in new domains. Two criteria for this analytic potential—integrity and fit-for-purpose—are recognized aspects of data curation, however identifying potential domains of interest for reuse requires knowledge of practices and needs across disciplines. Evaluating analytic potential will become increasingly important for libraries and repositories to make informed decisions about recruitment and curation of data for interdisciplinary science.