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LIS Programs and Data Centers: Integrating Expertise

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Thompson, C. A., Mayernik, M. S., Palmer, C. L., Allard, S., & Tenopir, C. (2015, March). LIS Programs and Data Centers: Integrating Expertise. Paper presented at the 2015 iConference, Newport Beach, CA.

Publication Abstract

Scientific data centers have provided data services to research communities for decades and are invaluable educational partners for iSchools developing academic programs in data curation. This paper presents analyses from three years of internship placements at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and interviews with managers at prominent data centers across the country, as part of the Data Curation Education in Research Centers project. Key benefits of the internship program are identified, from the perspective of student learning and the contributions made by iSchool students to data center operations. The interviews extend the case results, providing evidence for potential data curation internship programs at data centers. The DCERC education model fosters integration of expertise across the iSchool and data center communities, enriching academic preparation with state-of-the-art practical experience in ways that are vital to the emerging data profession and its ability to meet the future demands of data-intensive research.