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Authentic Learning in the Research Data Curation Classroom

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Baker, K. & Duerr, R. E. (2015, March). Authentic Learning in the Research Data Curation Classroom. Poster presented at the 2015 iConference, Newport Beach, CA.

Publication Abstract

We explore the provision of authentic learning through curation of scientific research data collections as preparation for information professionals. Hands on experience with curating a research data collection is provided in a graduate level classroom. Students gain insight into work with research data through online exploration of a data repository as well as via contact with a repository information professional. Four major elements of a student data collection curation project are described: selecting a data collection, developing a draft data curation plan, keeping a data collection activity log, and summarizing via formative and summative reports. The data curation project provided an experience mix of the curation culture and its services with data generating research cultures and their emergent practices.