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Large-scale Text Analysis through the HathiTrust Research Center

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Organisciak, P., Bhattacharyya, S., Auvil, L., Plale, B., & Downie, J. S. (July, 2014). Large-scale Text Analysis through the HathiTrust Research Center. Poster presented at Digital Humanities 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Publication Abstract

Digitization of text and tools for making sense of it are enabling digital humanists to perform ever-larger exploration and inference, from early work analyzing the style of a relatively small set of works or a single writer 12, to the modern-day practice of “distant reading” entire eras. However, “research, even in the digital age, is… limited by the materials that scholars can readily and reliably access”. Such factors include copyright, availability of materials, cost of infrastructure, and/or the technical capabilities demanded of the researcher tend to limit the access that digital humanists have, in practice, to the texts with which they would like to work.

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