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Setting Priorities for Data Curation Research and Education

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Palmer, C. L. (2013, March). Setting Priorities for Data Curation Research and Education. Presented at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science.

Publication Abstract

As our data curation research and education initiatives become more established, we are striving to increase impact on practice by sharpening the focus of our programs and building strategic partnerships. The theme of “reuse value” is now firmly at the center of our studies and extended through the core curriculum in our emphases on research cultures, collections, and representation. Moreover, our projects and programs are increasingly dependent on contributions from domain researchers, data centers, repository developers, and practitioners. I will present an overview of our investigations of data practices across more than a dozen sub-disciplines in the earth and life sciences, and our work on aggregating and modeling cultural heritage collections with developers of the Europeana Data Model. I will also introduce two important projects that represent our next phase of development:  a research collaboration to develop site-based curation principles and processes with geobiologists and resource managers at Yellowstone National Park, and an education initiative providing core curriculum and student field experiences in partnership with the National Center for Atmospheric Research.