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Site-Based Data Curation at Yellowstone National Park

Full APA Reference

Palmer, C. L., Varvel, V. E. Jr., Thomer, A. K., Baker, K. S., Wickett, K. M., Fouke, B. W., Asangba, A., Rodman, A., Choudhury, G. S., & DiLauro, T. (2013, April). Site-Based Data Curation at Yellowstone National Park. Poster presented at the Research Data Access and Preservation Summit, Baltimore, MD.

Publication Abstract

The Site-Based Data Curation (SBDC) project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is developing a framework of policies and processes for the curation of research data generated at scientifically significant sites. The model will be built around the case of systems geobiology at Yellowstone National Park.