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Exploring description for research data in soil science journal publications

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Chao, T. (2014, February). Exploring description for research data in soil science journal publications. Poster presented at the 9th International Digital Curation Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Publication Abstract

An essential component to sharing research data with others is the provision of metadata to facilitate meaningful interpretation. Speaking with the original data producer is one of the few approaches available for curators to obtain metadata yet involves substantive time and resource investment to coordinate and conduct. In order to optimize this time with data producers, the objective of this pilot study is to understand what information contained in journal publications by data producers can be used to inform metadata description for data.

A secondary aim is to explore how this extracted description for data can be applied to support current curation services in research libraries and institutional repositories. The Data Curation Pro?le (Pro?le) was chosen as a framework to guide identi?cation of potential metadata. The Pro?le is an established tool developed to capture researcher expectations and requirements for the curation of their research data with speci?c sections for describing data kinds and the different stages that correspond to the research process and lifecycle.