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Scientific research group data management practices and local data repositories

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Baker, K. S. (2014, February). Scientific research group data management practices and local data repositories. Poster presented at the 9th International Digital Curation Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Publication Abstract

Research groups in the earth and environmental sciences are beginning to address new expectations for data management and data sharing aimed at providing data access. Further, a variety of sizes and configurations of data repositories have emerged in the last decades. Preparing data for release to a digital repository requires development of new data management practices particularly when scientific inquiry involves the heterogeneity of data associated with fieldwork in the natural sciences (Borgman, 2012; Parsons et al, 2011). This study focuses on repositories associated with project-oriented communities of data generators typically tied to a geographically specific site. What are the characteristics of research-oriented data repositories? What is their impact on scientific research groups (SRGs)? What decisions do scientists make about their data and data practices? Existing SRGs that have close ties with a local data repository provide an opportunity to investigate an array of data and repository arrangements.