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A model for providing Web 2

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Jett, J., Senseney, M., & Palmer, C. L. (2013). A model for providing Web 2.0 services to cultural heritage institutions: The IMLS Flickr Feasability Study. D-Lib Magazine, 19(5/6). doi:10.1045/may2013-jett

Publication Abstract

The Flickr Feasibility Study, which was launched by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Digital Collections and Content (DCC) project in 2009 to determine how aggregators might provide intermediary services for cultural heritage institutions wishing to engage in Web 2.0 initiatives, shed light on both needs and models for aggregation services. This article provides an overview of the study's findings, including the efficiencies that aggregation services such as the DCC can afford cultural heritage institutions when they act as intermediaries to facilitate Web 2.0 participation. Also discussed are the outcomes of the study's conversations with Yahoo, Inc. representatives regarding aggregators as members of the Commons on Flickr and the complimentary cultural heritage spaces that aggregation services can help their member institutions to create outside of the Commons. Finally, the ample rewards in long-tail community engagement and user-generated metadata that cultural heritage institutions can reap when they expose their collections to Web 2.0 communities, are highlighted.