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Brainstorming Data Science at i-Schools

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Stanton, J., Palmer, C., Blake, C., Farmer, L., & Allard, S. (2012, February). Brainstorming Data Science at i-Schools. iConference 2012, Toronto, Canada. Retrieved from

Publication Abstract

We will use a typical brainstorming format with an ice-breaker/introductory activity, followed by facilitated participant responses to a short series of focusing questions, considering both curriculum and scholarly activity. Findings from earlier workforce analyses (on both jobs and curricula) conducted by Illinois, Syracuse, and California State University Long Beach will be used to engage the audience, and start the discussion. The session serves as follow-up to the 2010 Research Data Workforce Summit where participating iSchool faculty identified the lack of a shared vocabulary as a key problem for future coordinated activity. The session will also dovetail with a half-day iConference workshop on Data Science occurring earlier in the program. We will collect participants’ responses into a Google Doc in real time (collaboratively if we have multiple editors). The Google Doc will be shared with participants who provide their email addresses on a sign-up sheet. Following the conference, the Google Doc will be shaped into a brief position paper to be freely shared among iSchool deans, faculty, and staff.