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Data Theory and Scientific Data Management

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Dubin, D. (2011, June). Data Theory and Scientific Data Management. [presentation]. Presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Classification Society.

Publication Abstract

Practitioners of data-driven methods in the natural sciences are now facing challenges that recall those which prompted social scientists to develop theories of data and measurement in the last century. There are increasing expectations for natural scientists to share their data, and to make data management plans and strategies a regular part of their enterprise. But the goal of expressing data for later discovery and reuse confronts us with puzzling relationships among observations, quantities, and data values. A new field of research data management specialists are already proposing solutions to these puzzles in the form of abstract models that govern descriptive standards for data and the architecture of scientific data repositories. These current efforts are largely uninformed by the theories contributed over the past seventy years from the fields of classification, data analysis and the quantitative social sciences.


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