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Adapting Digital Information to Scientific Practices

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Palmer, C. L. (2007, April 24-26). Adapting Digital Information to Scientific Practices.  STM Spring Conference: The Next Generation: Endless Choices & Economic Constraints, Cambridge, MA.

Publication Abstract

Patterns and trends in information use are rapidly changing in the digital environment. As research becomes
increasingly dependent on digital content and tools, we have an unprecedented opportunity to apply our
knowledge of information behavior and research practice to improve information support for scientific inquiry.
Yet, we have a limited base of knowledge of the value and impact of information resources on scientific
work. Measures of accessing, downloading, linking, and citing behavior tell us very little about the actual
activities of reading, experimenting, or problem solving, or about the features of information that effectively
fuel new discoveries in the course of scientific research. Palmer will discuss different dimensions of
information use in the practice of science and how they are changing. She will also argue that as we add
more direct investigation of research practice to our base of user studies, the unrealized potentials of our
literature systems as tools and infrastructure for scientific discovery become more apparent.