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Analyzing data curation job descriptions

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Cragin, M., Palmer, C., Varvel, V. E. Jr., Collie, A., & Dolan, M. (2009, December). Analyzing data curation job descriptions. Poster session presented at the 5th International Digital Curation Conference, London, England. Retrieved February 23, 2011 from

Publication Abstract

There is rising interest on the part of academic and research institutionsto implementstrategiesto preserve and provide accessto their digital assets. At the individual level,scientists and scholars are increasingly engaged in sharing the products of their research through administered repositories or directly via the Web. Meeting the technical and organizational requirements ensuing from these trends will require a new, skilled workforce. Recent reports have identified a need for new programsto meet the demand (ARL, 2006) for skilled professionals trained as data librarians and data scientists (Swan & Brown, 2008). However, defined career paths for library and information science professionals interested in data curation or data science are not yet firmly established (IWGDD, 2009). As yet, studies of the emerging job market are rare (for an exception, see Lee, 2008), but these studies are needed to support the design of educational programs intended to prepare this emergent labor force, and to support the flow of newly-trained professionalsinto the market.