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Tasks vs roles: A center perspective on data curation needs in the Humanities

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Muñoz, T., Varvel, V. E. Jr., Renear, A., Trainor, K., & Dolan, M. (2011, June). Tasks vs roles: A center perspective on data curation needs in the Humanities. Paper presented at the Digital Humanities 2011 Conference, Stanford, CA.

Publication Abstract

To support the development of curricular content for the Data Curation Education Program (DCEP) at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS), University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, a needs analysis case study focusing on digital humanities centers was carried out in late 2010. Collectively the results paint an interesting picture of the perception of humanities data curation needs by directors and key staff. Several results were contrary to what we anticipated; for instance, there was only modest agreement on critical areas of expertise needed to sustain meaningful access to digital humanities scholarship over time. Most importantly, there was one result that, if confirmed, could have a substantial impact on the design of data curation education programs. In the humanities, center directors and managers appear to resist the notion that a particular staff role, that of data curator, is specifically needed, preferring instead to develop distributed expertise and