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Evaluating descriptive richness in collection-level metadata

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Zavalina, O., Palmer, C. L., Jackson, A. S., Han, M. (2008). Evaluating descriptive richness in collection-level metadata. Journal of Library Metadata, 8(4), 263-292.

Publication Abstract

When many collections are 1 brought together in a federation or aggregation, the attributes of the original collections can become difficult to discern. Collection-level 2 metadata has the potential to provide important context about the purpose and features of individual collections, but the qualitative aspects of collections are difficult to describe in a systematic way. This article reports on a content analysis of collection records in the Digital Collections and Content (DCC) aggregation, conducted to analyze the kinds of substantive and purposeful information represented across 202 cultural heritage collections. We found that the free-text Description field often provides mo

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