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Report on the Data Curation Research Summit

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Weber, N., Chao, T., Palmer, C. L., & Varvel, V. E. Jr. (2011). Report on the Data Curation Research Summit. [Report from summit presented during the 6th International Digital Curation Conference, December 9, 2011, Chicago, IL: Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship, University of Illinois.

Publication Abstract

The Data Curation Research Summit consisted of four sessions, which followed opening contextual remarks provided by the organizers of both the DCRS and the previous Bloomsbury workshop. The first session was focused on current directions in research from the perspective of LIS faculty. The second session was devoted to approaches and challenges studying scientific data practices and needs. The third session covered current directions in research from the perspective of research libraries, and the final session returned to the original themes of the Bloomsbury conference with perspectives from the publishing community. This report provides a synopsis of the presentations as well as the broader group discussion of the summit. More specifically, this report highlights key emergent themes and concludes with recommendations for strategic research directions for advancing the state of knowledge and practice in the curation of research data. Briefs of the individual presentations are provided