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Evolving curricula in LIS-focused bioinformatics programs

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Bartlett, J. C., Hemminger, B. M., MacMullen, W. J., & Benoit, G. (2009, March 18-29). Evolving curricula in LIS-focused bioinformatics programs. Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T), Memphis, TN.

Publication Abstract

At the 2002 ASIS&T annual meeting a special session co-sponsored by SIG/ED and SIG/BIO explored nascent bioinformatics activities in library and information science (LIS), including in the area of master’s curricula (Harmon, et al., 2002). At that time, very little had been presented within the ASIS&T community on roles for library and information science (LIS) in bioinformatics (Denn & MacMullen, 2002). Several bioinformatics-oriented publications followed in subsequent years, including a special issues of JASIS&T (Hemminger, 2005), but this work tended to be focused on situating bioinformatics in an LIS research context (e.g., MacMullen & Denn, 2005), and on specific research projects (e.g., Brown, 2003; Bartlett & Toms, 2005), rather than taking an educational perspective.

Now, seven years later, this panel provides an update on the progress of LIS- and iSchool-based bioinformatics education, with a focus on how programs have evolved, how they are increasing enrollment and developing richer curricula, and how they are differentiating themselves from other programs in disciplines such as computer science and the biological sciences. In addition to the panelists, other faculty who teach in the biomedical informatics area will be encouraged to share their experiences during the Q&A session.

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