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Blended methods for ontology development

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Urban, R. (2009). Blended methods for ontology development. Presented at the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Conference. Denver, CO.

Publication Abstract

Ontologies represent an important backbone for knowledge representation on the emerging Semantic Web. As a formal specification of concepts within a domain, developing an ontology requires translating the knowledge of domain experts into the classes, properties and relationships used by machine-processable languages such as RDF and OWL. Current ontology development practices owe much to knowledge and software engingeering processes, however the methods for capturing the knowledge of domain experts reamins under-theorized. While "mixed" qualitative and quantitative methods have received extensive discussion in the literature, less attention has been paid to blending the kinds of formal methods used in ontology development and qualitative methods used elsewhere in LIS research. The resulting "knowledge acquisition bottleneck" has lead some ontology developers to turn towards mining large textual datasets for base concepts using natural language processing technique

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