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Bruce Fouke

Bruce Fouke
Some of my latest research interests include determination of how organic macromolecules produced by bacteria and corals affect the precipitation of carbonate biominerals during rapid environmental changes in temperature and oxygen concentration. The natural laboratories for this work are travertine hot springs in Yellowstone and coral reef ecosystems of the Netherlands Antilles. Results are providing fundamental new knowledge of the extent to which feedbacks between minerals, metazoans (coral) and thermophilic bacteria control the carbonate biomineralization process. This in turn will permit us to establish more precise predictive models of how coral reef ecosystems will respond over the next 100 years to global warming, and improve our search for and interpretation of microbial life on the early earth and other planets.



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CIRSS Publications

Dong, Y., Keating, K.M., Khetani, R.S., Fields, C., Inskeep, W.P., Sanford, R.A., Yau, P.M., Imai, B.S., Hernandez, A..G., Wright, C., Srivastava, V., Weber, J., Bulone, V., Cann, I.K.O., Guang, S., and Fouke, B.W. (2015) Survival Strategies of Low-Diversity Filamentous Microbial Mats within High-Temperature, Dysoxic and Turbulent Environments of Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park, USA. The ISME Journal. Accepted. Read more

Fouke, B. W., Palmer, C. L., Thomer, A. K., DiLauro, T., Gordon, S., & Hendrix, C. (2014). Fostering Interdisciplinary Science through Data Curation: Geobiology at Yellowstone National Park as Exemplar. 12th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Mammoth, Wyoming, October 6-8, 2014. Read more

Fouke, B. W. (2014) State-of-the-Art Oil Field Geobiology: Implications of Exploration and Production. University of Petroleum and Engineering Sciences (UPES), Dehradun, India, AAPG Roy M. Huffington Distinguished Lecturer of the Asia-Pacific Region. (Invited Lecture.) Read more

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