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Henry Gabb
Research Assistant

Henry Gabb
The interface between computation and life science has always fascinated me. While studying medical informatics, I came across an interesting case of a chemotherapy drug that sometimes had no effect or could harm the patient depending on the presence of specific genetic markers. The information about these biomarkers had languished in the literature for many years but it was spread across many disciplines. Modern scientists have trouble keeping up with the literature in their own fields much less several fields. This is an information science problem that could be solved with natural language processing and data and text mining techniques. My goal is to mine the vast scientific literature and genetic databases for biomarkers that predict drug efficacy.


CIRSS Publications

Gabb, H.A. and Blake, C. (2016). An informatics approach to cumulative
chemical exposure from consumer products: A case study for asthma-associated and endocrine disrupting chemicals.  Environmental Health Perspectives. Read more

Gabb, H., Blake, C., & Lucic, A. (2015, March). A Method to Automatically Identify the Results from Journal Article. Paper presented at the 2015 iConference, Newport Beach, CA. Read more

Gabb, H. A., & Blake, C. (2014, October). Parameter tuning: Exposing the gap between data curation and effective data analytics. Poster presented at ASIS&T 2014, Seattle, WA. Read more

Past CIRSS Events

April 9, 2014
The Current State of the Claim Framework
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