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John M. Unsworth
Past iSchool Dean

Past Dean at the iSchool, is Vice Provost, Chief Information Office, University Librarian, and a Professor of English at Brandeis University. He is heavily involved in the digital humanities and collections & metadata components of CIRSS as a principal investigator for the MONK, NORA, BRAIN, and ECHO DEPository projects.


CIRSS Publications

Renear, A., Teffeau, L. C., Hswe, P., Dolan, M., Palmer, C. L., Cragin, M. H., & Unsworth, J. (2009 April 1-3). Extending an LIS data curation curriculum to include humanities data. Demonstration at DiggCCurr Conference: Digital Curation Practice, Promise, and Prospects. Chapel Hill, NC. Read more

Unsworth, J. M. (2008). Evidence of value. Presented at DH2008 Conference, Oulu, Finland. Read more

Unsworth, J. M. (2008.). University 2.0. In R. N. Katz (Ed.), The tower and the cloud. Washington: EDUCAUSE. Read more

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Past CIRSS Events

October 28, 2009
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