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Michael Twidale

Michael Twidale's research interests in computer-supported working and collaborative technologies intersect with CIRSS research areas of collections and metadata, scientific communication, and digital humanities.

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Phone: 217-265-0510
Fax: 217-244-3302

CIRSS Publications

Souden,M. Blake, C., Twidale,M., Anderson,C. Stelmack, J., (2015) Making sense of big data: Online question answering practices supporting healthcare data re-use. 8th Annual Conference on the Science of Dissemination and Implementation: Optimizing Personal and Population Health, December 14-15, 2015, Washington D.C. Read more

Blake, C., Souden,M., Anderson, C.L., Twidale, M., and Stelmack, J.E. (2015) Online Question Answering Practices Supporting Healthcare Data Re-use, Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T),Nov.6-10th,2015, St Louis, MO. Read more

Organisciak, P. & Twidale, M. (2015, March). Design Facets of Crowdsourcing. Paper presented at the 2015 iConference, Newport Beach, CA. Read more

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CIRSS Projects

Information Forum Requirements to Promote Knowledge Capture Knowledge Sharing and Community Interaction on the VHA Data Portal
PIs: Catherine Blake, Maria Souden (Veterans Affairs); Co-PI: Mike Twidale
Funding Agency: US Department of Veterans Affairs

Past CIRSS Events

December 7, 2018
“Don’t Go There”: Human algorithms, transparency, tacitness, the enfant terrible, and conventions of not talking about certain things
There is a growing concern about how algorithms are playing a role throughout our lives – and that we don’t really know what they are, what they do or even how they work. Researchers are exploring…

October 28, 2015
An update on the Transforming Taxonomic Interfaces Initiative
Abstract:In this ERRT we will give an overview of our recent work and share ideas about “semantic engineering,” including what happens when what we study has significant components of both regular…

October 22, 2014
Data Curation for Biodiversity Informatics
There are an estimated 2-3 billion specimens held in natural history museums throughout the world; these specimens comprise an irreplaceable dataset documenting this planet’s changing biodiversity o…

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