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Timothy McPhillips
Software Developer

Timothy McPhillips
My interests lie in the cutting edge of dataflow approaches and their applications to science, including collaborations on novel research in structural biology, genomics, and computer science.  Research topics of interest to me include dataflow languages, provenance management, and achieving high performance at low cost in the scientific computing realm. Currently I'm investigating how dataflow approaches can be used to best exploit heterogeneous computing resources including multicore systems, cloud-based processors, GPUs, and custom hardware accelerators based on FPGAs.


CIRSS Publications

Pimentel, J. F., Dey, S., Mcphillips, T., Belhajjame, K., Koop, D., Murta, L., . . . Ludäscher, B. (2016). Yin & Yang: Demonstrating Complementary Provenance from noWorkflow & YesWorkflow. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Provenance and Annotation of Data and Processes, 161-165. Read more

Bocinsky, Kyle, Keith Kintigh, Timothy Kohler, Bertram Ludäscher, Ann Kinzig, Carla Van West, Margaret Nelson, Adam Brin, Sarah Oas, Johnathan Rush, Timothy McPhillips, and Yang Cao. Toward effective cyber-infrastructure support of socio-environmental research. Poster presented in organized session, The Robustness and Vulnerability of Food Production and Social Change: An Evaluation of Interdisciplinary Concepts Using Archaeological Data, Models, and Ethnographic Observations. Society for American Archaeology, 80th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California. 17 April 2015. Read more

CIRSS Projects

Designing Synthesized Knowledge of Past Environments (SKOPE)
PI: Keith Kintigh (Arizona State); PI: Timothy Kohler (Washington State); PI: Bertram Ludäscher (iSchool at Illinois)
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Kurator: A Provenance-enabled Workflow Platform and Toolkit to Curate Biodiversity Data
PI: Bertram Ludäscher; co-PI: James Macklin (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada); PI: James Hanken (Director, Museum of Comparative Zoology. Harvard)
Funding Agency: NSF