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Elizabeth Wickes
Adjunct Instructor

Elizabeth Wickes
Research interests: Data curation, research data management, research programming.

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CIRSS Publications

Wickes, E.  (2015, April).  Programming as an Information-centered activity.  Talk presented at the 2015 Python Education Summit, Montreal, Canada.  doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.1372436 Read more

Wickes, E.  (2015, April).  Recontextualizing Humanities Skills for Coding.  Paper presented at the 2015 Symposium on LIS Education, Champaign, IL. Read more

Wickes, E.  (2015, April).  Mining the Poachers: Quantitative Analysis of Fanfiction Works Across Two Archives.  Poster presented at the 2015 GSLIS Research Showcase, Champaign, IL. Read more

Past CIRSS Events

January 31, 2020
What Happens When Your Data Aren’t Numbers?
Many researchers and analysts work with data heavily populated with text, or are loosely structured text, and images. Many tutorials, training, and packages presume a purely numerical world, or ignore…

October 19, 2018
Reproducible education: What teaching can learn from open science practices
Slide decks are often considered a universal currency in higher education. They are passed down over time to new instructors, given to students who missed class, and generally treated as the sole piec…

April 30, 2018
*MONDAY*  Hard Shouldn't be Hardship: Supporting Absolute Novices to Python
When we tell novices that programming is hard, what are we warning them about? The intent may be to impress upon learners the importance of taking the workload seriously and starting early on the home…

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