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Sayan Bhattacharyya
Post-doctoral Research Associate

Sayan Bhattacharyya


CIRSS Publications

Organisciak, P., Auvil, L., Schmidt, B., Bhattacharyya, S., Fallaw, C., Shamim, M. S., Hao, Y., McDonald, R., Lieberman, E. A., & Downie, J. S. (2015, April). The HathiTrust+Bookworm Project: Exploring Cultural and Literary Trends in Millions of Scanned Books. Presentation at the 2015 GSLIS Research Showcase. Read more

Fenlon, K., Senseney, M., Green, H., Bhattacharyya, S., Willis, C, & Downie, J. S. (2014, October). Scholar-built collections: A study of user requirements for research in large-scale digital libraries. Paper presented at ASIS&T 2014, Seattle, WA. Read more

Organisciak, P., Bhattacharyya, S., Auvil, L., Plale, B., & Downie, J. S. (July, 2014). Large-scale Text Analysis through the HathiTrust Research Center. Poster presented at Digital Humanities 2014, Lausanne, Switzerland. Read more

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February 10, 2016
New tools from the HathiTrust Research Center for digitized text analysis at scale: The HathiTrust+Bookworm tool and the Extracted Features dataset
As library digitization efforts produce large quantities of digitized textual content, they create the conditions of possibility for novel inferencing techniques at scale, raising tantalizing possibil…

October 9, 2013
HTRC Workset Creation for Scholarly Analysis: Project summary and early findings
The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) enables computational access to the HathiTrust corpus, a digital library of millions of books and other materials digitized by the Google Books project and other …