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CIRSS Students

Caryn Anderson - Research Assistant, VA Project
Jessica (Yi-Yun) Cheng - Research Assistant, ETC
Katrina Fenlon - Research Assistant, WCSA & CIRSS
Henry Gabb - Research Assistant, SODA
Michael Gryk - Research Assistant
Linh Hoang - Research Assistant
Jacob Jett - Research Assistant, SBDC & WCSA
Peter Organisciak - Research Assistant, IIR
Cheryl Thompson - Research Assistant, CIRSS

Affiliated Researchers

Sayeed Choudhury - Associate Director of Library Digital Programs at the Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries.
Trevor Muñoz - Associate Director of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) and Assistant Dean for Digital Humanities Research at the University of Maryland Libraries.
Beth Sandore Namachchivaya - University Librarian, University of Waterloo
Carole L. Palmer - Founding Director of CIRSS, Professor Emerita at the iSchool, and Professor at the University of Washington's Information School. Carole Palmer investigates problems in scientific and scholarly information work, development of large-scale digital research collections, and barriers to interdisciplinary inquiry, and has been leading education initiatives in data curation since 2005.
Maria Souden - Associate Director for Communications at VA Information Resource Center (VIReC), Veteran Administration
John M. Unsworth - Dean of Libraries, University Librarian, Professor of English, University of Virginia

Affiliated Fellows

Peter Fox - Tetherless World Constellation Chair and Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, Computer Science and Cognitive Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

CIRSS Administration

CIRSS Director Bertram Ludäscher
Director of CIRSS, and Professor at the iSchool, NCSA, and the Department of Computer Science. He conducts research in scientific data management, scientific workflows, and data provenance. His research interests also include foundations of databases, knowledge representation, and reasoning. Ludäscher applies this work in a number of domains, e.g., biodiversity informatics and taxonomy.
Associate Director Catherine Blake
Cathy Blake is the Associate Director of CIRSS and an Associate Professor at the iSchool. She conducts research on both human and automated processes surrounding information synthesis and discovery.

CIRSS Personnel

Janet Eke - Assistant Director
Megan Senseney - Research Scientist
Qian Zhang - Post-doctoral Research Associate
Timothy Cole - Coordinator for Library Applications at CIRSS, Mathematics Librarian and Professor of Library Administration
Timothy McPhillips - Software Developer

Affiliated Faculty

Masooda Bashir - Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
Maria Bonn - Senior Lecturer, School of Information Sciences
Ian Brooks - Research Scientist, School of Information Sciences
Melissa Cragin - Executive Director Midwest Big Data Hub, iSchool Research Assistant Professor,
Peter Darch - Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
Jana Diesner - Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
J. Stephen Downie - Professor, Associate Dean for Research, School of Information Sciences
David Dubin - Research Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences
Bruce Fouke - Professor, Institute for Genomic Biology
Les Gasser - Professor, School of Information Sciences
Harriett Green - English and Digital Humanities Librarian, University Library
Brant Houston - Professor, College of Media
Daniel S. Katz - Assistant Director for Scientific Software and Applications, NCSA, Research Associate Professor, iSchool,
Jerome McDonough - Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences
Allen Renear - Professor and Dean, School of Information Sciences
Jodi Schneider - Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
Linda Smith - Professor, Associate Dean, School of Information Sciences
Victoria Stodden - Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences
Vetle Torvik - Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences
Matt Turk - Research Scientist, NCSA, Assistant Research Professor of Astronomy, Astronomy
Michael Twidale - Professor, School of Information Sciences
Ted Underwood - Professor of English, Liberal Arts and Sciences Centennial Scholar,
Matt Yoder - Biological Informatician, Illinois Natural History Survey