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Based at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship (CIRSS) conducts research on information problems that impact scientific and scholarly inquiry. Our projects and activities focus on how digital information can advance the work of scientists and scholars, the curation and analysis of research data, and the integration of information within and across disciplines and research communities. CIRSS also helps lead the development and management of related pathways in the iSchool MS programs in Library and Information Science and Information Management.

Current research and development areas include data curation and data lifecycle management; cyberinfrastructure systems and tools for data science; and knowledge representation and reasoning. Science and application domains are numerous and include biomedical and health informatics, ecoinformatics, geoinformatics, computational archaeology, astronomy, and digital humanities.

Current and recent funded research projects include several cyberinfrastructure-focused projects, such as the development of workflow software to automate and streamline the curation of biodiversity data; development of synthesis and analysis tools for environmental data; tools for analyzing and visualizing volumetric data; tools to support reproducible scientific inquiry by strengthening cyberinfrastructure to connect research papers with their associated data and methods; and a multi-institutional midwest collaboration aimed to support the use of existing and emerging cyberinfrastructure and best practices to improve access to and use of data. Other recent projects include an exploration of the benefits of linked open data in three digitized special collections; the development of sustainable scholar-driven digital scholarly publishing models in university libraries; a sociotechnical analysis case study to improve listserv information findabilty and re-use; and a stakeholder engagement project to address the issue of the spread of retracted scientific publications.

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