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Intermediary Models for Institutional Repository Development (IMIRD)


This pilot project explores factors that contribute to successful development of institutional repositories (IR), using three Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) universities to represent differing IR development profiles. These institutions are applying very different strategies, incentives, and priorities to populate their IRs and encourage participation. Each takes a different perspective on how new professional roles can best advance the creation and use of IRs. These varying organizational profiles are ideal for a comparative case study that allows both within-case and cross-case analysis. The CIRSS research begins with a focus on instances of success, but also explores emergent problems and the problem-solving processes in IR development that can help when analyzing IR development strategies and their outcomes. The primary research question is "How do librarian intermediaries contribute to the IR development process?" The secondary research question is "To what degree do scholar 'demographics' influence faculty interest and activity IR development?"

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Project PI(s)

PI: Carole Palmer
Project Contact: Carole L. Palmer
Funded by: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Research Area(s)

Data Curation
Research and education initiatives focused on challenges associated with the curation and federation of digital collections for long-term distributed use.  Work in this area relates to all parts …

Project Team


Palmer, C. L., Teffeau, L. C., & Newton, M. P. (2008, August). Identifying Factors of Success in CIC Institutional Repository Development-Final Report. (Report). New York: The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
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