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Folktales, Facets, and FRBR


The goal of this multiple-phased research project is the development of a next-generation catalog prototype implementation with enhanced records for access to the folktale collection in the Center for Children's Books that gives special consideration to the shared and unique information seeking tasks of three distinct user groups: scholars, practitioners and laypeople. Bibliographic records for folktale resources frequently omit indicators of the rich, cultural heritage these items represent and provide only minimal access to their intellectual contents. Record enhancements may incorporate existing folktale classifications such as the Aarne-Thompson tale-type index and controlled vocabularies as well as current developments in cataloguing practices and standards such as FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records).

Project PI(s)

PI: Carol Tilly, Kathryn La Barre
Project Contact: Carol Tilley
Unknown funding agency.
Grant number: 2009-01140

Research Area(s)

Data Curation
Research and education initiatives focused on challenges associated with the curation and federation of digital collections for long-term distributed use.  Work in this area relates to all parts …

Project Team


Tilley, C., & La Barre, K. (2010). New Models from Old Tools: Leveraging an Understanding of Information Tasks and Subject Domain to Support Enhanced Discovery and Access to Folktales. In C. Gnoli, & F. Mazzocci (Eds.) Paradigms and Conceptual Systems in Knowledge Organization, Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (Vol. 12, pp. 269-275). Würzburg: Ergon Verlag.
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La Barre, K., & Tilley, K. (2010). Folktales and Facets: Final project report to OCLC/ALISE for grant via OCLC/ALISE LISRG program. Retrieved
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La Barre, K., & Tilley, C. (2010) A Sense of Wonder: Enhancing Access to Folktales through Task and Facet Analysis. Proceedings of the 2010 iConference. Available:
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