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Libraries: Transformation of the Humanities


Humanities scholars are increasingly using digital technologies to create and share work. Within this new education and research climate, humanities undergraduates have unprecedented opportunities to contribute and to conduct research of real value. Johns Hopkins University Library System and its partners from Tufts University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will develop collaborative virtual work space, including collections and services, designed to support a new "collaborative lab culture." This new model will explore and demonstrate the ways that libraries can support new modes of collaboration in research and learning.

CIRSS contributions center around the development of a "Common Terminology and Identifiers for Levels of Abstraction and Interpretation."  For both intellectual and logistical reasons the effective development of data curation policies, practices, and institutions will require sharing a common framework of concepts and terminology across these domains. Leveraging existing IMLS and NSF funded projects at CIRSS we propose to develop a common terminological framework for key concepts in three related areas that are fundamental to the management of cultural information: (i) levels of interpretation and (ii) levels of abstraction, and (iii) identifiers for information units. As well as being supported and enabled by these frameworks, the Hopkins/Tufts LTR project will in effect provide a laboratory for the development and testing of these frameworks, which will then be broadly disseminated to the digital humanities and digital library communities.

Project PI(s)

PI: Allen Renear, Sayeed Choudhury (Johns Hopkins University); Co-PI: Gregory Crane (Tufts University)
Project Contact: Megan Senseney
Funded by: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Research Area(s)

Digital Humanities
Current projects cover different aspects of electronic publishing, markup schemas, text-mining and analysis, and music information retrieval. Digital humanities is an area of significant interest and …

Project Team

Allen Renear (PI)
Megan Senseney (Project Coordinator)
Karen Wickett (Researcher)