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Curation Profiles Project


GSLIS and the UIUC Library are partnering with the Purdue University Libraries (D. Scott Brandt, PI) on a $272,229 grant, ?Investigating Data Curation Profiles Across Multiple Research Disciplines.? This project is funded by a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The UIUC efforts are being lead by Carole Palmer, Director of CIRSS; other co-PIs are Melissa Cragin, and P. Bryan Heidorn from GSLIS, and Sarah Shreeves from the UIUC Library. This project combines both library and research domain strengths of the University of Illinois and Purdue University Libraries to investigate questions related to data collection, management, publication and preservation, including ?at which point in the research cycle are researchers willing to share data, with whom, and under what conditions?? In addition, we will consider the role of academic libraries in supporting e-science activities, by studying how librarians can interact with scientists to make their research output available, identifying practices and tools to support further metadata development and capture workflow. Three subject specialist librarians from each campus will serve as ?Library Liaisons? throughout the project. In addition to facilitating the participation of scientists at each campus, the Library Liaisons will participate in focus groups on their own work related to supporting e-Science. Investigating the collaboration of librarians working closely with researchers on issues of data management and curation is a unique component that sets this study apart from other projects. Outcomes for the project will include case studies of researcher data/metadata workflow, curation profiles describing policies for archiving and making available research data, system requirements for managing data in a repository, and recommendations for implementing results under diverse systems. In addition, the project will describe the roles of librarians and identify the skill sets they need to facilitate scholarly communication and data sharing.

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Project PI(s)

PI: D. Scott Brandt (Purdue University)
Project Contact: Carole L. Palmer
Funded by: Institute of Museum and Library Services
Grant number: 4112-21062

Research Area(s)

Given the ever growing universe of information resources, informatics tools, and scholarly communication options that need to be understood, assessed, and coordinated, the e-Science initiatives at CIR…

Project Team


Cragin, M. H., Palmer, C. L., Carlson, J. R., & Witt, M. (2010). Data sharing, small science, and institutional repositories. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 368(1926), 4023-4038. doi:10.1098/rsta.2010.0165
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Witt, M., Carlson, J., Brandt, D. S., & Cragin, M. H. (2009). Constructing data curation profiles. International Journal of Digital Curation, 4(3). 93-103.
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Palmer, C. L., Renear, A. H., & Cragin, M. H. (2008, December). Purposeful curation: Research and education for a future with working data. Poster presented at the 4th Annual International Digital Curation Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland
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Brandt, D. S., Carlson, J., Cragin, M. H., Heidorn, B., Palmer, C. L., Shreeves, S., & Witt, M. (2008, December). Investigating data curation profiles across multiple research disciplines. Poster presented at the 4th Annual International Digital Curation Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland.
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