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Open Annotation Collaboration (Phases I, II and III)


This 3-phase project seeks to facilitate the emergence of a Web and Resource-centric interoperable annotation environment that allows leveraging annotations across the boundaries of annotation clients, annotation servers, and content collections; to demonstrate through implementations an interoperable annotation environment enabled by the interoperability specifications in settings characterized by a variety of annotation client/server environments, content collections, and scholarly use cases; and to seed widespread adoption by deploying robust, production-quality applications conformant with the interoperable annotation environment in ubiquitous and specialized services, tools, and content used by scholars.

The current phase, Phase III, will cement, preserve and further establish the foundation created by the outcomes of OAC Phases I and II. In order to facilitate broad adoption and sustainability of the Open Annotation data model the OAC Phase III team is:
  •  systematically developing the OA community and engaging digital annotation stakeholders; and
  • providing essential community infrastructure elements.

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Project PI(s)

PI: Timothy Cole, Jane Hunter (University of Queensland), James Smith (University of Maryland), Herbert Van de Sompel (Los Alamos National Laboratory); Co-PI: Anna Gerber (University of Queensland), Robert Sanderson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Project Contact: Jacob Jett
Funded by: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Research Area(s)

Digital Humanities
Activities in this domain include research and education initiatives focused on data and data skills for humanists, as well as different aspects of electronic publishing, markup schemas, and text-mini…

Project Team

Timothy Cole (PI)
Jacob Jett (Project Coordinator)
Carole L. Palmer (Researcher)


Jett, J., & Cole, T. (2013, August). Open Annotation data model & specification. Poster presented at Balisage: The Markup Conference, Montréal, Canada.
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Cole, T., Sanderson, R., Habing, T., & Jett, J. (2013, July). Using Open Annotation. Tutorial presented at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, Indianapolis, IN.
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Jett, J. (2012, November). Using open annotation. Workshop presented at Digital Library Federation 2012, Denver, CO.
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Open Annotation Collaboration. (2011, April). Final report: The open annotation collaboration phase I: Data model & interoperability specification; AXE / ZOTERO integration; scholarly annotation analysis. CIRSS Report OAC1101. Urbana-Champaign, IL: University of Illinois. Retrieved from
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June 28, 2011
Chao, Weber, and Sacchi Present at Joint Conference on Digital Libraries
  CIRSS graduate students Tiffany Chao, Nicholas Weber, and Simone Sacchi presented posters at the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries this month, which took place in Ottawa, Canada, from June 13-June 17. The theme for this year's …

Past Events

July 1, 2009

Using Pliny to Annotate Digital Resources

For our first roundtable related to the new Open Annotation Collaboration Mellon-funded grant project, we will examine John Bradley's PLINY annotation tool. In particular we will discuss how and t…