CIRSS researchers present at iConference 2011

February 09, 2011



CIRSS researchers present at iConference 2011:

Data Practices across Disciplines: Informing Collections & Curation

Data Curation Education in Research Centers: Carole L. Palmer (UIUC), Suzie Allard (Tennessee), Mary Marlino (NCAR Library)

Annotation evolution: how Web 2.0 technologies are enabling a change in annotation practices: Simone Sacchi (UIUC)

Expressiveness Requirements for Reasoning about Collection/Item Metadata Relationship: Karen Wickett (UIUC)

Data Repositories: A Home for Microblog Archives?: Tiffany Chao (UIUC)


The iSchools are interested in the relationship between information, people and technology. This is characterized by a commitment to learning and understanding the role of information in human endeavors. The iSchools take it as given that expertise in all forms of information is required for progress in science, business, education, and culture. This expertise must include understanding of the uses and users of information, as well as information technologies and their applications.

CIRSS researchers will be presenting their current work at the 2011 conference, February 8th - 11th.


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