Virgil Varvel presents on Social Engineering Effects in an e-Learning Environment at the 2011 Illinois Faculty Summer Institute

May 17, 2011


Title: Social Engineering Effects in an e-Learning Environment

When: Tuesday, May 17, 1:30-2:45

Where: Engineering Hall 106 B8

Presenter: Virgil E. Varvel Jr.

Description: Through a case study of courses taught at the same time by the
same instructor using the same content but different methods, one can begin
to comparatively analyze factors of quality in e-learning.  This research
presentation compares satisfaction and demonstration of knowledge between
socially organized and independent learning online courses.  The study
analyzed showed among other things that there are differences in terms of
satisfaction and knowledge demonstration variables between the two course
models.  The presentation will also outline how the same course could be
taught using both methods successfully when the audience is considered and
when the parameters of what is meant by success are considered.


This presentation is only open to registered participants of the 2011
Faculty Summer Institute.

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