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CIRSS Seminar - 2 Illinois Research Data Service (RDS) talks: "Data Management as People Management" and "Data Curation at Illinois"

Friday, March 8, 2019
4pm - 5pm

126 IS

Event Details

Session leaders: Ashley Hetrick (RDS Assistant Director for Research Data Engagement and Education) and Hoa Luong (RDS Assistant Director for Research Data Curation)
Description: Part 1: Data Management as People Management

Abstract: Data management is important. It’s hard to find someone who disagrees with that statement and yet, in practice, data management is often neglected. Tools and technologies can and do help, but there’s another crucial component to data management: people. People collect, clean, analyze, report on, and manage data throughout its lifecycle. Data management thus exists at the intersection of technology with researchers, in complicated work environments that can ultimately promote or undermine good data management. As such, our data management workshops are organized to put people first. Come learn about how we’ve structured our workshops to help participants identify not just best practices for data management overall but to better understand the needs of their specific work environments and to adapt these best practices to suit those needs.

Bio: Ashley Hetrick is the Assistant Director for Research Data Engagement and Education at the Research Data Service (RDS). Ashley’s work focuses on better understanding the socio-technical components of data management. Before coming to the RDS, Ashley worked in IT support, communications, and data analysis at Technology Services. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys programming and trying to beat various bad guys in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Part 2: Data Curation at Illinois

Abstract: Data curation is performed when dataset is deposited into the Illinois Data Bank, our institutional data repository. The curation activity ensures that the datasets are as complete, accessible and understandable as possible. Different institutions have different workflow for curation. This talk will discuss the data curation practice at Illinois in comparison with other institutions in the Data Curation Network (DCN).

Bio: Hoa Luong is an Assistant Director for Research Data Curation at the Research Data Service (RDS). Hoa’s work focuses on the data curation aspect, work with programmer to develop new features for the Illinois Data Bank; and engage in Data Curation Network which Illinois is a part of. Before joining the RDS, Hoa was at Grainger Engineering Library. In her spare time, Hoa enjoys propagating her succulents (even though she has not succeeded).