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E-Research Roundtable - Oxford summer internship experience recap, led by Nushrat Kahn and Jennifer Westrick

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

242 LIS

Event Details

Description: Oxford-Illinois Digital Library Placement Program Recaps

Nushrat Khan and Jennifer Westrick will report on their summer 2015 experiences participating in the Oxford-Illinois Digital Library Placement Program at the Bodleian Library and the Oxford e-Research Center.  Each student spent six-weeks on site immersed in a digital libraries research project.  Abstracts for their projects are included below.

Nushrat Khan. BABY ElEPHãT - Building an Analytical Bibliography for a Prosopography in Early English Imprint Data
Prosopography of the people involved with publishing and selling of Early English books can be useful in understanding how the publishing sector has evolved over time. In this study, we developed an analytical bibliography from the unstructured metadata available from 25,000 texts published by the Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership (EEBO-TCP). We particularly focused on the publisher field of metadata, which contains information regarding publishers, sellers, publishing place, etc. in different formats. This work is challenging because of the ambiguity and inconsistency in data and therefore can be of interest for further investigation by those with domain specific knowledge.

Jennifer Westrick. Retiring a Digital Library: Considerations for Legacy Digital Collections
This presentation explores various methods of evaluating a digital collection.  It summarizes procedures used by the Bodleian Library after the roll-out of, their new comprehensive digital collection website.   Digital.bodleian supplanted many older digital collections.  These sites, now  considered to be legacy sites, still retain value and needed to be evaluated in order to make an appropriate decision on how to best proceed.


Nushrat Khan is a second-year Masters student specializing in Socio-technical Data Analytics and Data Curation. Her research interests include Educational Informatics, Neuroinformatics and Computer Supported Collaborative Work. She is currently working with Scholarly Communication and Repository Services on a NSF funded research project called Sustainable Environment and Actionable Data (SEAD) as a Graduate Assistant.

Jennifer Westrick is a recent graduate of the GSLIS program (MS 2015).  She completed the Specialization in Data Curation and the Certificate in Special Collections.  Jennifer's primary interest is in digital archiving and collection management.  She has completed several internships, including ones at the Newberry Library, Rush Medical Center, and the archives department at Benedictine University.