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E-Research Roundtable - Summer research experience recaps

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
12:30pm - 2:00pm

LIS 109

Event Details

Session leaders: Jamie Wittenberg, Elizabeth Wickes, Kiumars Soltani
Description: Three students will present on their Summer 2014 internship projects.

Kiumars Sotlani completed an internship at Microsoft Research, helping the Bing Core UX team with multiple data analysis tasks. The main goal of the internship was to design an automatic anomaly detection framework for latency data. Bing answers millions of queries everyday and it is critical to track latency of queries to ensure a desirable user experience. While there are engineers who constantly monitor the latency data to find anomalous behaviors, it is quite hard to pinpoint performance anomalies and their start time due to 1- complex nature of user interactions with the system, 2- Noisy nature of the dataset and 3- Massive size of the data. Therefore it is crucial to have an intelligent framework that trains itself with the historical data and efficiently detect performance anomalies with high accuracy.  Ad-hoc analysis was performed to reveal some previously unknown patterns in the performance data that helps engineers to predict root causes of performance regressions.  Overall, it was a fantastic experience to work with industry’s cutting edge technologies and some of the most talented engineers and scientists in Microsoft.

Jamie Wittenberg completed an internship project related to Research Objects within the Oxford e-Research Centre, where she conducted her work in collaboration with Dr. David De Roure, Kevin Page, and John Pybus. The Research Objects project was driven by community demand for an environment within which scientists can manage and exchange scholarly outputs that do not conform to traditional standards of research publication, but are crucial for interpreting, verifying, and reviewing results (Bechhofer et al., 2013).  Over the course of her project, Wittenberg developed a more comprehensive understanding of linked open data solutions and models including OAI-ORE, Open Annotation, and PROV.

Elizabeth Wickes completed an internship project within the digital repository group at the Bodleian Libraries, where she worked closely with Sarah Barkla, Research Archive Librarian, Oliver Bridle, Biology and Forestry Subject Librarian, and many others within the Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services (BDLSS) team.  The project involved preparing 12GB of digitized scholarly literature materials for ingestion into existing and in-development repository systems hosted by the Bodleian Libraries.  These materials were part of the Oxford Forestry library collection, and consisted of journal articles, occasional papers, and other literature produced by the Oxford Forestry Institute. 


Kiumars Sotlani is a third year PhD student in the Informatics program. His research is focused on analyzing and visualizing massive geospatial datasets to reveal patterns in entities (e.g. people, topics, etc) over time. He is part of the CyberInfrastructure and Geospatial Information (CIGI) group and also collaborates with Jana Diesner in GSLIS.  Before joining UIUC, he completed a bachelor of science in applied mathematics in Sharif University of Technology, and spent a year in the M.Sc. in Mathematics program in University of British Columbia, Okanagan.

Jamie Wittenberg is a second year masters student at GSLIS specializing in data curation, has an undergraduate degree in Literary Studies and a Master’s in British Studies.  Her research centers around the provenance of digital cultural heritage objects and digital preservation.

Elizabeth Wickes is a first year masters student, has a background in professional curation work at Wolfram|Alpha, and an undergraduate degree in sociology.  She is pursuing a dual specialization in data curation and socio-technical data analytics at GSLIS.

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