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E-Research Roundtable - W3C activity update: Web Annotation Working Group

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
12:30pm - 2:00pm

LIS 242

Event Details

Session leaders: Tim Cole
Description:  In August of this year the World Wide Consortium (W3C) chartered the Web Annotation Working Group ( Tim Cole and Jacob Jett are members of the Working Group, representing UIUC. Building on the prior work of the Open Annotation Community Group, the new Web Annotation Working Group has been tasked with developing W3 Recommendations describing: an  Abstract Annotation Data Model, the Data Model Vocabulary, Serializations of the Data Model, an HTTP API for annotation services, a client-side API for implementers, and (in collaboration with the Web Apps Working Group) a technical approach to more robust target anchoring. The Working Group held its first face-to-face working meeting on October 28th in conjunction with the W3C Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee meeting in Santa Clara, CA. This ERRT session will open with a presentation on the progress towards the first public working draft of the data model, vocabulary and serialization specification, which is now expected to be released before the end of this calendar year. I'll review use cases informing the work of the WG, talk about resolved and pending issues (,, and discuss W3C process.  Ample time will be provided for questions and follow-on discussion. This is only one of several W3C Working Groups in which UIUC is not involved. As illustrated by our work as members of the Web Annotation Working Group, the University's membership in the W3C (which we joined in April of this year), provides opportunities for greater input into and involvement in the W3C standards making process.
Bio: Tim Cole is the Mathematics and Digital Content Access Librarian and a CIRSS affiliated faculty member. His research and publications focus on metadata, digital library interoperability and linked open data.  He was PI of the Open Annotation Collaboration project (2009-2013) and PI/co-PI of the IMLS Digital Collections and Content project (2002-2012). He is currently co-PI for the HathiTrust Research Center Workset Creation for Scholarly Analysis project and serves as the W3C Advisory Committee Representative for UIUC.

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